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Volume 4, No. 1        A Publication of CyberSports, Inc.            Spring 2002


CyberSports, Inc. has taken recruiting, again, to the next level.  CyberQuestLive allows you to collect your prospect information on a secure site.  We work with your website manager to get a link from your campus site to the prospect questionnaire.  Any prospect can fill out his/her questionnaire for you on a page designed just like your paper questionnaire.  These prospects can then be synched into The Recruiter 2000 at any time and you never have to touch a piece of paper! You can evaluate the information before downloading the prospects' information in case you do not want to synch all the prospects that filled out questionnaires.

Just one Customer Comment:

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"Are you considering Cybermail or CyberQuestLive?  Order it!  It allows us to personally contact large volumes of recruits instantly.  When used in conjunction with CyberQuestLive, this tool is an extreme time saver too.  In a matter of minutes I was able to easily download and synch into The Recruiter 2000 over 89 questionnaires submitted on-line on our CyberQuestLive site and individually respond back to each through Cybermail.  I did this entire process in only 20 minutes and never had to touch a piece of paper.  It’s AMAZING!!  You are able to dress up your e-mails with your own pictures and graphics.  The response from our recruits has been outstanding.  Easy to learn and easy to use!    Deb"


It's Easy!  It's Fast!


On your administrative site you can:

1)  Print the Q's

2)  View the Q's

3)  Reject the Q's you don't want to download into your system

4)  Store rejected Q's so they can be recalled and synched in at any time

5)  Download the Q's and synch the data directly into The Recruiter 2000


Sample Questionnaire below:



This is a great tool especially if you do not have a lot of support staff to type
information into a recruiting program for you.

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